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Aerial Filming & Photography

Whether it’s for TV/film or advertising we make aerial video production and photography affordable. Our gyro stabilised aerial platforms capture 4K raw film, whilst also capturing high resolution imagery. We can provide you with raw footage for your own production or we can provide a full post-production service. If getting the most dynamic aerial shots is important to you, then choose Aerial Eye for all your aerial filming needs.

Aerial Industrial Inspections

Whether it’s a close visual inspection of a live flare stack, live transmission tower or a thermal survey with Flir sensors, we can deploy our aerial systems where they are most effective – areas where it is too dangerous to put your staff. We can inspect your asset live, capturing high resolution stills, HD video and infrared/thermal images, and our experienced operators use this information to deliver a detailed assessment of your asset which ultimately saves you time and money.

360 Degree Aerial Photography/Filming

Our 360 degree virtual aerial tours offer you a unique and fully immersive experience from 100’s of feet up in the air. 360 degree imagery and video content is the future of digital media so why not join a growing list of companies who are adding our high quality 360 degree panoramas to their existing content for the promotion of their business and more specifically, their location. We can also mount and fly your 360 GoPro rig to our hexacopter should you wish to capture 360 degree aerial video content.

Aerial LiDAR Surveys

Through our partners at GeoAerospace, we use the latest UAV technology (Riegl & Velodyne sensors), to carry out aerial LiDAR surveys from both UAV’s & dedicated survey aircraft. From the resulting data we can provide you with a range of high quality 3D deliverables i.e. digital surface models, digital terrain models, orthomosaics etc. For more information on our LiDAR capabilities, please see www.geoaerospace.com

Fully trained, insured and licensed by the Irish & Civil Aviation Authorities

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Health and safety is at the heart of all our drone operations

Aerial Eye are Ireland’s leading drone specialists, providing clients with a wide range of aerial services since 2013. This includes aerial photography/filming to 3D modelling/mapping, and industrial inspections and thermal surveys to immersive 360 degree digital content. We have taken the decision to keep our website streamlined and simple so should you have any queries regarding our services then please do not hesitate to get in touch. If it’s a piece of work that involves drones, no matter how challenging it may be, then we are confident we can support you with our highly skilled team of drone operators. All our drone operators are fully trained, qualified, insured and highly competent. Safety is a key component of all our drone operations and we approach every job with safety as our number one priority.

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