June 2, 2015




  • Are you trained and insured? Yes, we are fully insured, trained and licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority and hold a Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW 1049) from the Civil Aviation Authority (UK).
  • What cameras do you fly? We primarily fly a DJI X5 Raw camera or Panasonic GH4 mounted on our Matrice M600 or alternatively we can fly our X5R with a 12mm Olympus prime lens or DJI X3 camera on our Inspires. We also have the capability to mount larger format cameras or 360 degree rig to our M600. For thermal inspections we fly a fully calibrated, radiometric sensor with a control unit and have 16x digital zoom and 14x thermal zoom.
  • Can we fly our camera on your drone? Possibly, but it would need to make sure it’s within our weight specifications and can be balanced on our gimbal. Our maximum tax off weight is 16.1kg. Please note that if we’re flying your camera, it is not covered by our insurance.
  • How long can we shoot? Flight time is always dependent on conditions, however our batteries provide approximately 18min flight times with the Panasonic GH4 and Flir cameras, and 35mins with the X5R on the M600. As long as we have a power source we can continuously charge through the day to make sure we capture the footage you require.
  • What is the wait time between flights? Usually about 15 minutes to swap out batteries and media cards.
  • Do you provide a video downlink? Yes, we provide HD wireless downlinks with no latency. Depending on the situation, we usually provide 8″ monitor feed but can provide up to a 32″  client monitor if required. We can also feed your production truck directly for live footage.
  • What type of distance restrictions do we have? All of our operations are “line of sight”, usually less than 500m horizontal, and under 120m vertical. There are further specific limits in urban environments. Operating drones within urban environments is a complicated process and so requires careful pre-planning. It requires additional layers of safety to be undertaken as well as acquiring authorisation from a variety of stakeholders. However, it is certainly achievable with proper planning and specific objectives.
  • How much time do you require in advance of a filming project? In simple terms, the more time the better so we can plan well in advance. If flying in controlled airspace, we require up to 14 days to obtain permission from the Irish Aviation Authority.
  • Where do you operate? Primarily in Ireland, however we do operate internationally but please note that this requires pre-planning with specific regard for obtaining the appropriate permissions.
  • What about Copyright? All content © 2017 Aerial Eye Ireland. Please note that Aerial Eye Ireland retains copyright for all of our digital content. It must not be used for any purpose other than that agreed in the contract without our written permission. If you’re interested in using one of our digital content, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We welcome licensing requests for commercial use. Aerial Eye Ireland retains the copyright to all video unless otherwise stated and may be used for our own advertising purposes.