April 22, 2016

360 Degree Aerial Photography


Aerial Eye offer 360-degree aerial panoramas and aerial virtual tours (think Google Street View in the sky). 360-degree aerial imagery offers you a fully immersive experience and captures so much more than what you can see when on the ground. 360 degree imagery and video content is the future of digital media so why not join a growing number of companies that are adding the beauty and interactivity of high quality 360 degree panoramas to their existing content.

For a working example of our 360-degree imagery, here is our most recent work for Failte Ireland. This consists of a 360-degree aerial tour of the 15 Signature Points along the Wild Atlantic Way. Once you open the image you can move your finger/mouse around the screen left/right or up/down through 360 degrees or if viewing in a VR headset tap the gyroscope button in the bottom right corner and then by moving your head in any direction the view will change. To travel along the Wild Atlantic Way simply click on each of the “Move North”/”Move South” icons to click between locations.