April 22, 2016

Aerial Thermal Surveys


Our latest thermal imaging system is a specifically designed and calibrated system for unmanned aircraft which combines a high resolution thermal camera (640), a digital camera and a control unit. This is an advanced thermal imaging system with the ability to allow full control of the camera settings in real time during the flight. Therefore, with this calibrated Flir system it is now possible to view and store all radiometric data (images and video) remotely from 100’s of meters away.

Please contact us for a digital brochure of any of the applications below.

Applications for our thermal system:

Building diagnostics – Determining the physical condition of buildings: Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings by detecting thermal bridges and other anomalies. Locating wet insulation in roofing systems using Infrared Imaging mounted on a drone is the most effective way.

Search and Rescue: Searching for people and animals with the option of alarm mode utilization and manual temperature range tuning.

Solar and wind turbine inspection: Finding defective solar panels or stressed turbine blades. An infrared camera detects the temperature differences in or on a photovoltaic module and visualizes them in a thermal image. A thermographic temperature measurement requires a professional calibration and correct interpretation, and it also requires the use of high resolution cameras and up to date software for greater efficiency.

High voltage – Inspection of powerlines: Abnormal heating associated with high-resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems.

Firefighting: Firefighters use infrared cameras to locate people and animals in dense smoke and to pinpoint the source of fires.

Agriculture – Environmental and crop monitoring: Thermal imaging is growing fast and plays an important role in various fields of agriculture and ecology.

Other applications: The applications for which we use thermal cameras are constantly developing and with the potential to put cameras in the air the potential is limitless so if you have a project that needs our assistance, then please let us know how we can help.